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A Great Selection of Hunting Gear for Portsmouth, NH, Salisbury, MA & Beyond!

At Suds N' Soda Sports, not only do we carry an extensive inventory of sporting arms, ammo, and other hunting gear, but we are also a NH Deer/Wild Turkey registration station.  We do provide a state certified deer scale, and all turkeys are weighed and measured as well.  The best part about purchasing your NH Fish & Game Hunting License with us at Suds N' Soda is, we will register your deer or wild turkey for free, if your currently active license was purchased here.

hunting gear Salisbury, MA
hunting gear Portsmouth, NH
hunting gear Salisbury, MA
  • Muzzleloading Is Our Specialty!

We're the Leaders When it Comes to
High Quality Hunting Gear

For decades Suds N' Soda Sports has been known for being your source for Muzzleloaders, and Muzzleloading accessories. No other store in the Northeast specializes in this field like we do.  Not only do we sell the most Thompson / Center and LHR Redemption Muzzleloaders ( LHR REDEMPTION IS NOW THE T/C STRIKE ) around for any privately owned dealer, but we also sell them at the lowest prices possible without a state sales tax!

No other sports shop caters to the sport of modern muzzleloading like we do.  We know our stuff.  A muzzleloader is basically the only gun you can buy that doesn't work right out of the box.  We will recommend what to use for sabots, powder, cleaning, and scopes to further extend your season.  

A good muzzleloader is far more accurate than any shotgun ever thought of being.  Sure, you have one shot, but that's the sport of it, and by having that "one shot" only forces you to take the best shot possible!  More and more hunters in our area are resorting to using a modern muzzleloader all season long over a shotgun or rifle.  It just grows on you once you get the hang of it, and in NH you get to hunt 10 days earlier than those without muzzleloaders.

LHR REDEMPTION is now the Thompson Center T/C STRIKE!

Talk about doing a full circle!  The LHR REDEMPTION was a spin off from the key designers from the Original Thompson / Center Factory in Rochester New Hampshire.  The key designers for T/C went off on their own and came up with one of the most innovative new muzzleloader designs out there.  It really is an awesome muzzleloader.  

Now the key designers are back with T/C, and T/C acquired the design for the LHR REDEMPTION.  This muzzleloader has been re-branded as the T/C Strike!  Everything about this muzzleloader is the same as when it was the LHR Redemption, however it now includes the QLA ( quick load accurizer ) that acts like a smooth funnel on the end of the barrel to help you seat a sabot into the barrel straight.  This is great news for T/C Fans, the innovation is back!

Did we mention? We are located in Tax Free!  Greenland NH!

hunting gear Portsmouth, NH
NH Fish & Game Licenses are Sold Here!
NH Residents 68 years of age and older: If you've been a resident for at least two consecutive years, you can stop by and pick up your Free NH Licenses that you may qualify for.  Hunters will still need to show a previous record of having had a hunting license or hunters safety. Over 68 Licenses are not available for issue online or at many of the big box stores such as Wal-Mart.


Hunting is still a way of life in NH, just like it used to be, and should be......

Contact the pros at Suds N' Soda Sports for questions about any of our equipment or quick tips on hunting gear.
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